Organize Your Social Media Life

Is there any goal you have achieved without putting in at least a little bit of planning? If your goal is to lose weight you plan when to work out and when to eat. If you want to save money you plan a budget for yourself. So why should social media be any different? When you see successful social media pages they are planned very carefully, not just thrown together at random.

Creating a content calendar for your social media platforms is very beneficial and can also be very easy. Sit down at the beginning of the week and layout a plan of what you will release and when. It can be helpful to know which platforms you want to utilize and how often. Let’s say you have a big facebook following so you decide to post every other day consistently so followers have something to expect. Next you decide to tweet once per day and post an interesting picture on Instagram once per week. I like to look at Holiday Insights to find interesting days of the month, (PS tomorrow is National Bubble Gum day). This is also a great tool to help you stay on top of important dates because it lists every holiday of the month.

Having a sense of consistency can be great for brands on social media but that doesn’t mean the page can’t have spontaneous posts. As long as you leave room in your content calendar to allow for a few extra posts every now and then your audience shouldn’t be overwhelmed.

If I still haven’t convinced you to set up a content calendar for your social media site maybe Hootsuite’s 5 Tips can help you out.

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