#EatLoveLou does #Freberg17


“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

This quote by Julia Child is what got everything started for Allison Myers. After looking for a way to show support for the community and local food Myers considered blogging, but knew the writing would be too time consuming. Since a picture is worth a thousand words she turned to Instagram and developed what is now one of Louisville’s most successful pages, EatLoveLouisville.

Myers’ page grew organically. She didn’t buy any of her likes or followers like many other successful Instagram brands have. Instead she studied what made posts successful – hashtags, content, and people tagged – and she hustled her way into a top spot.

Today #Freberg17 was lucky enough to have Allison Myers as a guest speaker. She talked about her favorite restaurants in Louisville, like Jeff Rubys and Havana Rumba, and gave some pretty helpful Instagram tips. Her biggest tips for growing a successful Instagram page are the 3 C’s:

  • Content – Know what you want to post and when you want to post it. Myers keeps a content calendar to stay on top of her posts.
  • Consistency – Stay consistent with your photo content and the type of photography you put up. Have a style and stick to it.
  • Collaboration – Work with other brands to grow your page as well as theirs. For example, Myers collaborates with Hi-Five Donuts. Both brands benefit from this collaboration.

Some photography tips were also thrown our way:

  • Clean your lens with a microfiber cloth for crisp, clear photos.
  • Natural light is your best friend. Especially during the day.
  • Add a human touch every now and then.
  • Edit your photos but don’t use filters when photographing food.

Of course I’ve got to say a big thanks for the cookies from Heitzman’s too!

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Snapchat: @foodiephotog


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