Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories

In August of 2016 Instagram released its new “stories” feature. For anyone who may not know, a story is a way to share a picture or video with a 24-hour expiration. Since then the feature has evolved and people have had time to adapt and develop an opinion of the new feature. While many people think it is a rip off of Snapchat, an app widely known for its disappearing pictures, Instagram also has its unique traits. Which one takes the cake though?

There are a few important categories to consider in this battle: Filters, location tags, drawing/art tools, and video.

Round 1 (Filters):

Winner – Snapchat

Instagram Filters: Instagram has very simple filters. It offers users 6 different image overlays, similar to the filters they offer on regular Instagram posts.

Snapchat Filters: Snapchat offers a huge variety of filters. On top of the 4 image overlays offered, Snapchat also allows users to play around with interactive filters. The app uses facial recognition to add a layer or distort the users face. These are ever changing and one of the reasons people are drawn to Snapchat to communicate with friends.

Round 2 (Location Tags):

Winner – Instagram

Instagram Location Tags: Instagram allows users to add a huge variety of locations. This can be broad, like Louisville, KY for example, or very specific, like whatever restaurant you’re eating at. Instagram also allows viewers to tap on the location tag to see where the tagged location is on a map.

Snapchat Location Tags: Snapchat does not have location “tags” in the same sense that Instagram does. Instead the app allows users to choose between different artistic geofilters that appear when users swipe through the various filter options. Depending on your location there are not many to choose from. In areas like Louisville there are geofilters that covering the whole city as well as specific places. Geofilters are not widely available in areas with a less concentrated population.

Round 3 (Drawing/Art Tools):

Winner – Instagram

Instagram Drawing/Art Tools: Instagram offers users plenty of creative options. The drawing feature offers users tons of colors including neutrals. It also comes with three different brush stroke options, as well as the ability to change the size of the stroke. Instagram also has sticker options that allow users to make additions to their photos outside of the emojis provided on their phones.

Snapchat Drawing/Art Tool: Snapchat has a slide tool for its drawing feature that allows users to pick a variety of shades but there are no neutral color options. Snapchat does allow users to be creative through the use of bitmojis. These allow users to create an avatar that represents them through various scenarios similar to an emoji.

Round 4 (Video):

Winner – Instagram

Instagram Video: Instagram has three different ways to take a video. Users can take a regular 15-second video for their story or they can take a hands-free video. The app also allows users to use boomerang to take videos.

Snapchat Video: Snapchat allows only for ten second videos but they do offer three ways to alter the video: slow motion, fast video, and rewind.

The champion is Instagram!

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