Social Media Monitoring: What is it?

Social media monitoring. It sounds like some “big brother” thing that may make you seem a bit uncomfortable. Don’t worry though it’s just a way of gathering information to make better decisions for your brand!

So what is social media monitoring? Well according to brandwatch its “the act of using a tool to listen to what is being said across the internet; monitoring media not just from traditional publishers, but on millions of social sites too.” Social media monitoring can include more than just social media, expanding to the search to websites as well.

Fizziology is a great example of a social media monitoring company. They do work for brands like disney and nike to draw conclusions and make predictions about what fans will want to see in the future. Social media monitoring is crucial for the success of big companies and corporations so firms like Fizziology are great because they allow experts to spend their time focusing just on monitoring.

For those of you after social media monitoring on a smaller scale, check out some of these free tools:

  1. Hootsuite: Hootsuite really is a social media power house. I mean what don’t they do? Monitoring, scheduled posts, and blogs give you all you need!
  2. TweetReach: This site allows for real time monitoring of twitter.
  3. Social Mention: One of the biggest free monitoring sites. Social Mention monitors over one hundred social media sites. (Did you even know there were 100 social media platforms?)
  4. HowSociable: This site gives users numerical scores for twelve of their social media sites, allowing users to determine which platforms are best for them.
  5. TweetDeck: If you’re a beginner this will be great for you! TweetDeck allows users to easily track certain topics on twitter and manage multiple accounts at once.

Hopefully this was helpful to anyone looking into social media monitoring. Remember its not just for big corporations, you can do it for your own personal brand too!

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