@JasonWSpencer does Freberg17

Today #Freberg17 was able to hear from guest lecturer, Jason Spencer who works with social media customer service at Humana. With employee advocacy as his brainchild at Humana, Spencer had a lot to teach us.

So what is employee advocacy? According to Spencer, Humana was looking for a way to get its brand message out by encouraging employees to be active on social media by sharing Humana’s social media posts since the employees overall will be able to reach a larger audience than Humana’s audience alone.

Spencer shared some interesting statistics with us that were extremely helpful in proving the case for the benefit of employee advocacy:

  • 92% of customers worldwide trust recommendations from family and friends more than any other sources.
  • 77% are more likely to buy from someone they trust.
  • 50% of employees are already talking about the company they work for online.
  • 8% is the average overlap between employees’ followers and followers of the company.
  • The average employee is 2x more credible than the CEO of a company when it comes to employee advocacy.

“Working in social media isn’t just creating fun campaigns, there’s a business side of it,” Spencer admitted before laying out the 5 Steps for Creating an Employee Advocacy Program:

  1. Create a strategy and define objectives:
    • Define ABC (Audience, Benefits, and Compliance)
  2. Select a vendor to power the program
    • Based on: look and feel, platform requirements, communication, metrics, and support.
  3. Recruit a small group to pilot the program
    • Ideally this is 8-10% of the total employee population
  4. Report on what matters
    • How are you going to measure and report on your objectives?
    • Vanity – shares, impressions, etc.
    • Report to understand the consumer
  5. Scale to the company
    • You don’t want to build too quickly

Jason Spencer has found a great way to get Humana employees involved in this employee advocacy program through program incentives. His knowledge on the topic is very helpful for a class of hopeful social media professionals.

On top of Spencer’s presence on social media personally and professionally, I thought it should be noted that he is also active on twitter under a popular Louisville twitter handle, @LouisvilleHumor.


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