Thanks to #Freberg17

We’ve made it through a (nearly) a full semester #Freberg17! That seems so crazy to say. It seems like I’ve hardly even started here at UofL and now my time is almost up! Thankfully I’ve got classes like COMM 333 to help me out with quality experience that prepares me as I go into a summer internship and head out on the job hunt in a little over a year.

When I visited UofL last summer I spoke to Mary Ashlock to learn more about the possibility of pursuing public relations with a communication degree. As soon as I brought up public relations and crisis communication especially with my background as a thrower she brought up Dr. Karen Freberg, assuring me I would be in good hands. With a specialty in crisis communication this former thrower turned professor has already turned out to be a great resource for me.

We share a love for throwing, public relations, and what I know Dr. Freberg would find most important… coffee. It’s so comforting to be in a learning environment where you are comfortable with your professor and classmates, knowing that you all have a similar passion driving you to pursue a goal.

Working with the Louisville Bats was so exciting for me. The fact that we actually got to implement our social media plan for the Louisville Bats’ Opening Night was refreshing. We didn’t just come up with crazy ideas that would never become reality. I might also add that I’ve never been to a baseball game where 9 innings went by so fast (the extra four not so much) since Amanda and I were constantly keeping an eye out for something ‘story worthy’ on snapchat.

Throughout the semester we also updated out blogs on a weekly basis. I didn’t think I had any interest in blogging until this class began. Really though I’ve had a lot of fun writing for this class and I plan to continue with some more blogs related to my life as a collegiate athlete.

While the semester isn’t completely over yet, and we’ve still got a good chunk of work to do I’m so happy I took this class. I’ve gotten some valuable experience and made connections that I never dreamed I could. Now its time to buckle down and finish this final project for the Bats with some coffee in hand!

P.S. I spent the bulk of my dining points at Starbucks this semester so I think Dr. Freberg might be a little proud / maybe a little concerned.

Thanks #Freberg17 for a great semester!


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